24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring all your network systems allows for proactive remediation of most network issues. Finding small issues before they become big problems will drastically reduce downtime. RED74 can monitor your entire network, from PCs and Macs, to servers, switches, firewalls and routers.

Network Monitoring: Our system will monitor network traffic flow, switching, routing, and firewall devices, and look for any issues before they become bigger problems.

Server Monitoring: We monitor your networked servers for hardware, OS, and application health, database statistics for SQL, Microsoft Exchange, etc. as well as drive space, processor and memory load, user account inventory and other items. Alerts will be set to trigger on any found problems so that we may respond accordingly.

Workstation Monitoring: We monitor your networked PC or Mac computers for drive space, processor and memory load, as well as event log errors and application errors. We are alerted to any issues found so they can be addressed quickly.

Backup Monitoring: This includes a daily check of backup logs, where we will alert you to any failure or incomplete backup job.

What is 24×7 Monitoring?

24×7 monitoring polls your critical systems every few minutes. Whenever it finds a problem, it alerts our network operations center, showing the exact nature of the problem. It also updates our ticketing system, showing the exact status to our on-call engineers. We’ll see the true nature of the problem – rather than having to depend on a best guess. That means we can fix it faster – and radically boost your overall uptime.

What Does It Check?

  • Every several minutes, RED74 Monitoring will…
  • Check that your server is up and running.
  • Check that you can connect to the Internet.
  • Check any or all of your Windows® Services, vital components of your server’s operating system. Services provide many things, like allowing you to logon to your network, access the internet, even print your work.
  • Ping various network devices or remote offices that you need to do your work.
  • Check TCP ports on your network, on other networks or at your ISP. If any of these ports are failing to respond, you may be unable to connect and do your job.
  • Check disk space to ensure it’s below a set threshold.
  • Check RAID devices to ensure that all disks are functioning correctly and data is safe.
  • Check your website to ensure it’s up and running and serving your customers.
  • Check other devices using SNMP.

If there’s a problem, we’ll be alerted instantly so specific action can be taken to resolve the issue.

Key Benefits

  • Specific, informative alerts show the exact nature of the problem. No more guesswork.
  • Uptime is maximized.
  • Alerts are routed to the right person, who can address it faster
  • Alerts for mission-critical systems can be set by SMS day or night.
  • Costs just a few dollars per day for your entire office.

RED74 Workstation Health Checks

Proactive, preventative health checks each and every day. Boost productivity and security.

RED74’s IT Workstation Monitoring means that you can rest assured that your PC’s and laptops are in business-ready condition. Our proactive, preventative health checks test key components of the system each day. We’ll be able to spot problems – before they cause user downtime.

What are Workstation Health Checks?

Because your working day is dependent upon your PC, it’s essential that your equipment is ready to work for you at any time.

Our automated system conducts start-of-day checks to ensure your systems are in peak condition.

Proactive Workstation Health Checks perform the following:

  • Checks that your antivirus is up-to-date and keeping you safe.
  • Check that your Windows Services are operating properly.
  • Looks for unauthorized log in attempts and determines whether someone has been trying to hack into your systems.
  • Checks to ensure you have adequate disk space remaining. Running out of disk space can cause your computer to crash and involves lengthy delays to repair the device.
  • Check that your disks are healthy and there are no integrity issues.
  • Reviews Critical Event log entries and spots other issues.

Rapid Response When There’s a Problem

If there’s a problem, we’ll receive an alert showing the cause of the problem, and we’ll see it on our Dashboard almost instantly. This results in rapid, accurate response and dramatically reduced downtime.

Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind in the knowledge that your system is always up-to-date, your disks are in good health and Event logs are checked daily.
  • Instant, accurate alerts means problems get resolved fast. Avoid wasting hours waiting for engineers to diagnose and repair problems.
  • The work performed by RED74 each and every day means your systems are in peak health.
  • Cut downtime. Increase productivity in the office.

RED74 IT Reporting

A range of reporting options that keep you informed – and assure you that we’re doing our job.

RED74 IT Reports provide you with a range of ways to keep you informed. From Daily Health Check reports that advise you of the condition of your systems each morning, to Weekly Health Reports that provide a one-page, once-per-week health analysis, to comprehensive Monthly Client Reports that show trends and highlight issues on a wide range of systems, you’ll be able to choose the way you’d like to be kept informed.

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