Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity (Backup)


Business Continuity: It’s More Than Just File Backup

Modern hardware and operating systems are more reliable than they have ever been, but you cannot afford to underestimate the impact of any amount of downtime, including that which is caused by user error, malicious cyberattacks, or catastrophic weather events.

Traditional backup solutions can backup files and restore data, but how long would your business be out of commission while you locate an appropriate backup that meets your recovery point objective and restore the files you need? What about provisioning new hardware if there is a failure and you have no platform to restore those files? How quickly can you recover from a network-wide ransomware attack? And what about natural disasters like floods, fires, or inclement weather that cut you off from your systems and data for days (or permanently)?

According to a recent study by Symantec Applied Research, 50 percent of small to midsize businesses have no backup and disaster recovery plan whatsoever. Of those that do have a plan, only 28 percent have actually tested that plan. And downtime isn’t only inconvenient; it costs businesses money, sometimes in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Businesses need more than a backup solution – they need a business continuity solution that can guarantee will satisfy stringent recovery time objectives (RTO) as well as recovery point objectives (RPO) and get you up and running with near-zero downtime. Our business continuity solution features:

  • Automated local backups to an on-site appliance as frequently as every fifteen minutes
  • Automated nightly backup and synchronization to U.S.-based bi-coastal SAS70 Type II data centers
  • Data deduplication and compression which reduces storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Complete virtualized snapshots which can be spun up either locally on the appliance or remotely in the data center within moments of failure
  • Screenshot verification which ensures every snapshot taken can be booted up successfully
  • Granular recovery of data including Exchange and SharePoint.

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