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Cloud solutions house your company’s data in a secure off-site location, allowing for excellent disaster avoidance and mobility options.  However, there can be some drawbacks to Cloud-only solutions.

For one thing, cloud solutions are very bandwidth-dependent, meaning that you may be limited by your Internet connection speed. In fact, Cloud services are often totally unavailable if your Internet connection is not working. Also, there are many business applications which perform better on a local area network, or aren’t yet available or optimized for the Cloud.

Fortunately, there are Hybrid Cloud solutions available from RED74, allowing you to combine the strengths of both Cloud and on-premise solutions. With Hybrid Cloud, you are not as dependent on the speed or availability of your Internet connection. You can also leverage the superb fault tolerance and flexibility of hosted data while running your applications in on-premise space, maintaining both speed and compliance with third-party software. RED74 can build and customize a Hybrid Cloud solution for your company, both for your production systems and your business continuity systems.

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