Disaster Testing

A backup or disaster recovery solution is only effective if it’s working 100%, so how do you really know if your business is protected? Email notifications and verification steps in your backup jobs can give you some peace of mind, but the only way to truly verify whether your disaster recovery solution is doing its job is to perform an exhaustive “fire drill.” Performing these tests can prove to be both time-consuming and frustrating if your company does not have the resources and/or time to run simultaneous disaster testing, especially during business hours.

Fortunately, RED74 has extensive experience in the planning and execution of disaster recovery testing. We use virtualization technology and strategies such as “sandboxing” to rigorously test your backup systems, even during business hours, while your production environment remains up and running. No matter if your systems are traditional hardware-based, virtualized, cloud-based, or a combination of these, RED74 can verify on a scheduled basis as to their reliability. That’s not just a disaster recovery solution, it’s a disaster avoidance solution.

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