Data Recovery

The best insurance against data loss is a comprehensive and multi-tiered disaster recovery plan.  However, sometimes hardware or systems fail before a good backup is recorded, or corruption is present on the backup and it was never checked until a failure occurred.  If this is the case, RED74 can help you recover data from failed hard drives.

We offer multiple data recovery service options for virtually all types of hard drive recovery and hard disk recovery:

  • Any interface: (IDE, EIDE), Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI, SAS, and Fibre Channel;
  • Any combination of drives: single hard drive or multiple RAID drives; and
  • Any make, model or brand.
  • Any RAID level, RAID controller or RAID architecture
  • All causes of data loss – including human error, natural disasters, power loss or surge, logical or mechanical failures and viruses.

RED74 also offers forensic data recovery. We can recover data from any type of failed media, including laptops, PCs, cell phones and many other new media devices as well as legacy media. If this is related to an investigation or legal matter, we will follow chain-of custody protocols and forensically accurate technology to validate that any data is unaltered during the recovery process.

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