Look at any recent technology or business news source and you’ll see that threats like ransomware, CEO fraud, and personal data harvesting are no longer isolated to a few annual incidents. Attacks are being launched constantly, and small to midsized businesses are more frequently the desired targets.

Protecting your business requires a layered defense approach that includes both technology solutions and education and training. RED74 can help protect your business on all fronts, from the network edge to the employee’s email client and browser.  That means you can stay open for business despite a world full of malicious threats, which could help you stay ahead of your competition, too.

Identify and define threats and exposure and provide useful feedback for remediating and controlling risk.
Ensuring the security and health of workstation and server systems in your network.
2FA helps protect your identity from being compromised by requiring users to present multiple forms of identification.
Proactively managing your first line of defense against an outside attacker.
Combines simulated phishing campaigns with effective prevention training for employees.
Proactively blocking known malicious websites and managing employee web usage.

Why Choose RED74?

RED74’s team of IT industry veterans delivers comprehensive, reliable and effective IT services and guidance for clients. Our expertise is in information technology; our focus is on our clients’ success.

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