Cloud Flight Path

The IT landscape is evolving. With the availability and lower cost of cloud-based productivity tools and hosted solutions now on the market, businesses have moved away from traditional client-server setups and VPN connections for remote workers. Forward-thinking businesses are now building their IT infrastructure around mobile apps and cloud platforms. But, though mobile and cloud enable companies in ways never before possible, that doesn’t mean you can do without the guidance of an experienced IT consultancy group.

RED74’s Cloud Flight Plan is tailored to the decentralized and end-user focused modern office. Our Cloud Flight Plan services help your cloud-based business IT really take off!

•  Guidance on choosing the right cloud platforms for your workforce and industry (e.g. Office 365 vs. G-Suite, Azure vs. AWS)

• Migration services to get your data and applications to the cloud safely and securely

• Helpdesk and user account management for employees at any location in the world

• Integration and workflow configuration so all your apps and services work together seamlessly

• Continued maintenance of your cloud services, user licensing, and integrations

• Vendor liaison services for your cloud providers, so you never have to handle another support case on your own again

RED74 has been in the cloud since our company’s inception. We know the cloud, because we trust our own internal processes to run within it, every day and around the clock.

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Superior IT Support Proactive care for your IT, so system failure is a thing of the past. See our full list of services.
Superior IT Support Expert guidance for HIPAA compliance and SEC regulations.
Superior IT Support Ensuring protection from downtime due to disasters and outages
Superior IT Support Helping you harness the power and efficiency of the cloud.
Superior IT Support Office 365 and other SaaS applications to keep your team productive from anywhere