Diamond Consultants Polishes Productivity with a Multifaceted IT Strategy

Diamond Consultants, a premier strategic consulting group in the financial services sector, was facing challenges caused by a poorly implemented cloud solution that encompassed all aspects of their IT platform. This setup had a negative impact on overall productivity and reliability. A strategic restructuring plan from RED74 removed the stumbling blocks by balancing cloud and on-premise services in an optimal configuration.

  • As a fast-paced, research-driven firm, access via SharePoint to important and detailed information is the heart of our firm’s success and efficiency.

    Howard Diamond Managing Directory, Diamond Consultants


Diamond Consultants’ previous IT service provider deployed a 100% hosted implementation involving remote desktops and servers, as well as Microsoft Exchange. While seemingly a forwardthinking idea, this plan did not take into account the overall user experience and reliability of the servers. Users were forced to use an unfamiliar desktop environment, and servers were routinely unavailable, with no fault tolerance or failover contingencies in place. When employees struggled to stay productive in the midst of these obstacles, Diamond’s effectiveness in serving its important clients was at stake.


RED74’s consultants and system architects worked collaboratively with the management team at Diamond, reviewing not only the technology in place, but also the workflow of its employees. They determined that some systems would be best housed in the local environment, while others should remain in a cloud hosted configuration, provided that configuration included business continuity and fault tolerance. RED74 migrated Diamond’s Microsoft Exchange environment to its own Hosted Exchange platform, offering bicoastal data centers and a 99.999% or better uptime guarantee. New HP server hardware and VMWare virtualization was provided for their on-premise file and desktop services. The benefits of cloud were also leveraged via hybrid cloud disaster recovery used to protect the local infrastructure. In addition, RED74 rolled out Microsoft SharePoint services in the cloud to manage Diamond Consultants’ critical CRM data. All the provided services are monitored around the clock by RED74 support staff, regardless of whether those systems reside locally or in the cloud.An added benefit was the addition of Microsoft Skype for Business, which introduced IM and online meeting technology integrated into Microsoft Outlook. All on-premise services are protected with a hybrid cloud BDR system, ensuring almost zero downtime and productivity loss in the event of system failure.


1. Critical services like SharePoint and Exchange hosted in the cloud with significantly improved availability

2.  Employees remain more productive with a familiar desktop experience and zero complications

3.  Both on-premise and hosted infrastructure are fully fault tolerant and protected from disaster, leveraging cloud solutions in the best configuration for each individual service

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