The Advantages of Tablets in the Workplace

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Tablet computers are fast becoming the new trend in workplaces all over the world.  It is expected that in US, tens of millions of tablets will make their way into offices by 2015.  These compact, lightweight devices have transformed the way people work, enabling greater productivity and mobility.  All kinds of tablets are available these days, from Apple’s iPad to tablets that feature Google’s Android OS.  Many businesses are moving towards the concept of a paperless office, greatly reducing or totally eliminating the use of paper; a great way indeed to save the environment.

There are a great number of advantages in implementing tablets in the workplace.

1.    Tablets are Low Cost

The cost of providing each employee a PC, workstation, or laptop is enormous when compared to the cost of a tablet.  The tablet also does not incorporate any moving parts such as hard disks and so forth, thereby minimizing wear as well as the chance of data loss in the long run.

2.    Tablets Are Great Consumption Devices

Though you may not know the terminology, it is a well known fact that tablets are considered to be consumption devices.  A greater number of employees usually browse the internet for information, rather than creating it – therefore they ‘consume’ information, and tablets provide a great way to do that.

3.    Tablets Include Powerful Networking Tools

Networking is very important for a business, whether that has to with getting in touch with clients through VOIP or transmitting and receiving data from the office itself.  Tablets are designed with connectivity in mind.

4.    Tablets Improve Workforce Mobility

Business people have to travel a lot.  They move from one office to another, giving out presentations, meeting clients or performing various projects.  Checking email, browsing the web or keeping in touch with clients on the go becomes a breeze with tablets.  Regardless of their location, they can submit projects on time.

While these things can be done with a smartphone, the larger screen of the tablets makes the user experience more engaging and friendly.  Tablets usually have a far greater battery time available than laptops, which makes it very practical when you’re on the move with tight schedules.

5.    Tablets are Great for Meetings

While you can carry a laptop into a meeting, a tablet can prove to be much more practical due to its compact size and swiftness.  Just a press of a button powers up the tablet in a few seconds.  It can also win you some “impression points” if you can run your presentation from a new high tech device.

6.    Tablets are Environmentally Friendly

Tablets have a favorably small impact on environment.  They help in reducing paperwork by providing access to manuals and books in a digital format – in some cases totally eliminating the requirement for printed material.

If you’re environmentally conscious, this is another reason to consider tablets at work.

7.    Tablets Make Note Taking Easier

If you wish to take notes during a meeting or during a long flight, it is far easier to do so with a tablet because of the handwriting recognition features.

8.     Tablets Improve Security

When properly configured, the use of tablets can eliminate the need for locally stored data, thereby minimizing the exposure of sensitive company information due to theft, hacking, or other intrusion attempts.  Tablets can easily be remotely wiped if they are compromised.

You may want to consider getting any device for your workplace to see how it works out for you before deciding to fully implement tablets at the office.  When tablets are coupled with a robust cloud platform, they are a powerful tool for business.

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