Be More Productive With Outsourced IT Management Services

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Productivity keeps your business going, and in turn keeps your team generating revenue. Your team can handle some non-productivity matters, like distractions and poor project management. However, sometimes you simply need some help.

Consider your firm’s information technology concerns. While IT serves as a crucial part of your business, in many cases, it isn’t something that you and your group should have to deal with. After all, you probably already outsource other crucial tasks. When it snows, do you personally go out and shovel the parking lot? Do you assign an employee to haul your company’s trash to the landfill? No, you leave those tasks to the experts.

Maintaining and troubleshooting your company’s IT services often comes as a poor use of time for most companies. Most often, you can better allocate your time focusing on the assignments that you were hired for. Consider these reasons for why outsourcing your IT can boost your firm’s productivity.

Put More Focus on What Matters

No matter the what industry you’re in, chances are that you didn’t get into the business to run IT. So why would you choose to spend your valuable time maintaining and troubleshooting your business’ network? Running IT can be a full-time job, and every hour you spend on it is an hour not spent on doing whatever it is that you’re good at. Juggling multiple assignments at once is difficult enough; when you add something you’re unfamiliar with into the mix, you can be asking for trouble. As the American Psychology Association notes, multitasking is bad for productivity, and studies have shown that “shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time.”

Focusing on your company’s IT – as opposed to your own job – detracts from the reason that you work for the company. Face it, your time should be put to better use and focus on your role. Instead, let the experts of an IT services management team do the dirty work for you while you accomplish all that you need to do.

Get Back on Track Quicker

If you’ve had to deal with any IT problems cropping up at your workplace, you know how much of a hassle it can be to solve them. Spending your time on these tasks can take a lot out of you mentally. Nothing ruins a day quite like being confronted with a problem you don’t know the first thing about. As we all know, stress reduces productivity.

Wouldn’t you prefer to just “set it and forget it”? Outsourcing your IT to a team of professionals means that you’re leaving work to those who know how to solve the problem. Whatever task you were working on, such as updating your company firewall or deploying operating system patches, the experts can handle it efficiently and effectively. This means less downtime for your employees and less wasted resources because of it.

Reduce Risk and Retain Employees

Dealing with something as complex as your company’s IT infrastructure always comes with some risk. Of course, you may feel comfortable doing some tasks yourself, like setting up an email address or creating a new employee account. But when it comes to the nitty gritty of IT work, when you leave the work to someone who isn’t an expert in the field, there’s a chance that things could go very wrong.

Besides, handing off IT tasks to employees without the experience can frustrate them just as much as it would you. Just like you have a specific role, your coworkers do as well. Tasking already-busy coworkers with something outside their field can cause burnout and hurt employee retention. This in turn costs your business money and that all-important productivity.

Develop More Efficient Workflows

When you choose to outsource your IT services, you may pay for more than just to having your IT maintained. Hiring a services management team can also benefit your business in making its tech aspect even better. When working with experts, you run your IT more safely and efficiently than you would be if you were doing it alone.

Again, you will run into some technical issues that you’ll be able to solve. Sometimes you can easily  just resolve network issues by turning the router off and back on. But think about this: what would happen if one of your work computers caught a virus? What if your shared server just stopped working? Would you have the skills and resources–and the time alone–to fix these issues? An outsourced IT team knows not only how to solve these problems, but also how to anticipate and prevent them from happening in the first place.

IT Tech Man

Your Personalized IT Needs on Your Terms

With more and more businesses turning to the digital realm, you should have at least one IT expert involved in your business. However, IT work can be difficult to anticipate. For example, if you choose to hire someone internally to run your IT department, would you need that person on a full-time basis? Part-time? Would you even need someone that frequently?

When outsourcing your IT services, you often find that the team works around your schedule. That means less wasted time sitting in pointless meetings and making hiring decisions. Plus, IT work can easily be ramped up or scaled back according to what your business needs. A professional IT services management team will work with you to come up with a plan for handling the IT at your business.
As they say, good management requires good delegation. And while you could delegate your IT tasks to an internal employee, the time and money saved by outsourcing to a team of professionals could be put toward other things that your company needs. Time is money. Simple as that. When it comes to the bottom line, don’t be held back by IT practices you simply can’t figure out.  Rather, spend your time doing the things that’ll keep your business afloat, in the black, and scaling up.

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