5 Steps You Can Take Now to Optimize Your Company’s Security

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Most businesses avoid building their IT risk management program because they don’t even know where to start. Even worse, they fail to recognize and act on the clear and present threats to their revenue, their clients’ data, and their business as a whole.

If your business uses email, has a website, and employs human beings, you are a target for cybersecurity threats. We aren’t doing business in a safe neighborhood and, to be blunt, it’s incredibly foolish to think otherwise.

As the president of a managed IT service provider and a consultant for twenty years, I have developed risk management programs for clients in various industries and of various sizes. I’ve also been the one to clean up the post-attack mess for clients who had no policies in place prior to the incident.

Here’s what business leaders can do to protect both their business and reputation and integrate IT security into their overall business strategy.

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