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hen you call us for support, you will speak to a human being located in the United States.  You will be routed to an engineer within one conversation. In most cases, you will speak to an engineer directly when you call in. You will not have to fight past a “Tier 1” customer service novice to get to an expert.

We use a Team Collaborative approach, not a Tier system

•  We are your IT department, not an anonymous tier system
•  No “black holes” on tickets; you’ll know the name of the engineer or team working on your issue, and you’ll always get the status of the issue

We are Fully Cloud Conscious

•  We know what should go in the cloud and what should stay local to your network
•  RED74 has been a cloud company since its inception. We know the cloud because we use it ourselves for many of our day-to-day operations
•  We are experts in several different cloud solutions, and we can find the right fit for you (or find non-cloud solutions, too)

We are Vendor Liaison Experts

•  We understand your business is application-centric, with ERP, CRM and other industry-specific systems running your core business processes
•  We have extensive experience working with 3rd-party software vendors of several different industries
•  We advocate for our client’s specific needs – there are no “out-of-the-box” product or service sales just for RED74’s benefit

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IT Support

Can you run your business without technology? If the answer is no, then we can help.


Cloud Services

Bring the power and reliability of enterprise-level services to your business for less cost.


Security & Compliance

Protect your company from malware, data breaches and costly compliance penalties.


Business Continuity

Any time your business systems are unavailable, you’re losing profit.


Email & Hosted Apps

Expert sales and support for your most critical business collaboration tools.


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About Us RED74 is a provider of information technology resources for small to midsize companies.
Service Plans Our professional and friendly staff is located here in the US.
We partner with industry-leading technology companies to best serve our clients.
We have a proven track record of keeping our clients safe, productive and happy.
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